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Thread: Stalking Jacket

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    Stalking Jacket

    Hi all,

    I know everybodies taste and prefernece varies but is the common jackets used out there for stalking. I currently use a Deerhunter montana jacket but didnt find it the greatest. I would continue to use it but it's a XL and thanks to me changing my eating habits i've lost 5 stone and nothing fits anymore.

    I need to replace it but am unsure what to get. any ideas?

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    Jahti-Jakt clothing

    Check the site for the topic Jahti-Jakt clothing,
    I have had this clothing for 2 years and its good stuff,
    I have had Deerhunter to but for the price and package you get with Jahti-Jakt it takes some beating


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    I use a Deerhunter jacket and I also have the Jahti-Jakt stuff, both of which I like. I also use an army surplus coat when it is dry. I used to have Soldier 95 one's now I am on Soldier 2005, I think, although surplus they are brand new when you get them. They have lots of useful pockets, I really like them for the dry weather, but I would not take one up the hill in bad weather.


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    If you've got money to burn, Harkila is top kit, if not check out Cabelas. I got their own brand Goretex fleece jacket about 7 years ago, it's only just starting to go at the elbows, remarkable and cheap as chips.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've bought items from Cabelas before but with postage and tax added it doesnt always work out that cheap.

    Does anybody use camo or do you stick to solid colours?

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    I tend to use solid clothing (Jahti-Jakt) in the winter months and then start to use more camo (Deerhunter Advantage timber) from April on words it all depends on the ground etc, there is advantages for both under the right conditions.
    If you have both you can decide at the time, Pitty (Jahti-Jakt) donít do camo?


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    Hi Sp4rkman,
    Have you tried 'Kammo'. I've used their stuff for years and although not cheap its good quality! They advertise in all the shooting mags.

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    Sorry wrong info Jahti-Jakt do camo


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    The thing about solid colours are that they tend to be too dark, especially on the hill. Even more so when they get wet. Best camo I ever had was an old WW2 para smock. Somebody should bring them back, subperb bit of kit. If it's not raining I wear a Swanndri Ranger in the light green/light brown check, again, superb camo but they do let the breeze through a bit.

    Did I hear right the Swanndri are going out of business?

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