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Thread: AAAHh The RUT!!!

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    AAAHh The RUT!!!

    Just sat down to tea, a nice Chillie, home made by moi', baked tatty too, trying to catch the news, & I get the Missus's mobile shoved under my nose, "Watch this!!" ......... I was tickled by a short moby film of her sister's tortoises, the male lunging heartily over the rear third portion of the female & every time he reached the high point he let out a loud wheeze!!, she finally escaped his advances & shot into the hutch, didn't know tortoises could reach the speeds I witnessed!, wish I knew how to get it off her phone & onto here!.
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    She wasn't trying to give you a hint then?
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    Ha ha the noise is hilarious isn't it ! I remember a particularly awkward zoo visit years ago lol
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