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Thread: 20 or 25 l plastic buckets

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    20 or 25 l plastic buckets

    Looking for a min of 5 plastic buckets with lids usually these are white but colour doesn't really matter .20 or 25 litre capacity and must be in real good condition no cracks or Ill fitting lids .
    to be used for partridge pen header tanks my previous ones lasted 13 seasons .on eBay they are fetching silly money but I'm willing to pay a good price .

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    I know the kind you mean. I got a load free from a local cheese making creamery. Bit random but thought I'd mention it on the off chance you're close to one.

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    Second random thought if I might add..... Your local Swimming Pool may have what you need, as they often use powdered chlorine which comes in very well made screw on lid buckets. If you're going to the Midland Game Fair I may be able to help you with a few if I manage to attend and you don't strike lucky earlier

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    We use masses of these at work as we discard our sample vials in them. They are supplied to us by a recycling company called GENTA. They are made by HK plastics. Lids are very good and are peel off type so very secure.

    Hope this may be of use


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    Thanks guys got 6 for 41 lincs products free post

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