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Thread: Atec or Aimsport

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    Atec or Aimsport

    Hi All,

    Getting myself a new Mod. Narrowed down to 2 of them. Its between the Atec CMM4 and the Aimsport Predator for my .30-06. Which one would you advice.

    Look forward to your thoughts.



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    Glad you started this thread I am about to do the same, I fancy the aimsport but want to here a few reports first

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    Recently got a CMM4, very pleased with it. I was after min weight for a hill rifle setup.
    Have a North Star and ultra for my other rifles, big difference in weight.

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    i have used the Hardy mods before but they didn't have the thread I need so tried an Aimsonic I find it better the noise is nice to my ear and weight is great doesn't unduly balance my rifle.

    I liked it that much I started to supply them to my customers.

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    Aimsport have a new lightweight, baffle-less reflex moderator called the Titan coming out soon , Looks a very interesting concept .. not sure when it will be available over here ...

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    The Titan looks good. Just saw the You tube clip of it. Would prefer a shorter Mod though.

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    I changed my moderator from a T8 (massive and heavy) to an ATec two years ago. I can confirm that the ATec does what it says on the tin! Small, Light, quiet and it comes in lots of versions (one which goes back over the barrel to keep the gun length down). Money well spent....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    A-Tec by a mile
    MMM not selling then are we

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    EeMc on heres selling an atec cmm4 cple of months old.?

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