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Thread: Sprung hill boots

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    Sprung hill boots

    Hello everyone. Sorry to open another boot thread, but I was wondering if any of you still use the sprung hill boots and if so would you recommend them, or suggest going with a more modern design. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes I still use my Hoggs fully sprung boots often I think the are called Brae-masters they were a bu---r to break in but once they were I can wear them all day no probs! No goretex just thick leather with a good sole on them,
    I have had them for many years now and have put dubbing on them regular, Have had many a quick dash through deep water in them and my feet stayed dry

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    Thanks very much indeed for your response, most helpful.

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    They will go braw wi' yer nicky tams and clay pipe? I think the evolution of the human foot has came a long way since these instruments of torture were invented...

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    Cheers Red-Dot, i guess that nicky tams and a clay pipe will be an added extra! Do you reckon they've got them on Ebay? LOL

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