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    hello well today i was bored out of my tree ive cleaned all my guns done the garden front and back watered everything in sight picked youngest lad up from work for something to do ,all because my certs not turned up yet ,in for vari ,dont ask!! so feeling a bit pee,d off all jobs done i thought hey-up i will give young matt up on the shoot a ring all right squire any cubs about yet ? have you done any cutting?any deer showing?saw a massive roe buck last season i thought i would drop the hint if theres any around i wouldnt mind shifting a couple if there getting at his dads christmas trees and shrubs ,anyway he says we are cutting like crazy get your arse up here and see whats about,now i couldnt take the rifles or shotties so i rolled up with my mates air rifle ,feeling like a lost kid in moss-side during an amnesty ,see how i slipped that little niggle in then bloody certs,any way ive just been all over 2000 acres plus and not seen sod all only bunnies and three hares that totally ignored me walking around in there field,oh and a lovely barn owl that came and kept me company,midges pretty quiet a nice little breeze blowing in my face i thought right lets see whats about near the woods there must be at least one roe about now i know no one shoots any deer on there so i thought brilliant no ones been they have just started cutting in earnest still putting feed out for the wild birds ,guess what absolutely, diddly squat but, i will be back as that dumb californian said once, plus i had an enjoyable four hours plus watching the world go by and never fired a shot,

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    Sounds like you've had a good day, Hope you get your certificates sorted soon!

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    its coming m8,via karachi on a 3 legged donkey .but its coming

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    its not now ive bolloxed upi took it for granted as i have the 223 i asked for vari but he says no way till i send some proof of deer,i never put on deer originally as i wasnt intending to stalk,so its back to sqare one again,and i hate mythering farmers worse than varis,
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    why there not moody,grumpy or just plain annoyed all the time ,give em a bottle of scotch n u get the christmas smile.only comes once a year like that dried out turkey no 1 likes

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    you must have nice farmers were you are,the best ive got in cumbria is the spitting image of steptoes dad!! same sideburns and everything,no lies i might have a word in his shell like, now he goes out of his way to chat anyay they have enough bad habits? without me adding to them,honestly hes the same size ,same build but hes got a few more teeth lovely chap ,you stand at the side of him and you are urged to tap him on the head,!!
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