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Thread: Rifle Ranges Central Scotland

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    Rifle Ranges Central Scotland

    Can anyone point me in the direct of a range in Stirlingshire/ Perthshire/ the Lothians? Ideally outdoor range up to 300 yards if such a thing exists?


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    There are ranges at Barry Buddon (currently being used for the games), Blair Adam near Kinross, Castlelaw near Edinburgh and Carfraemill near Lauder however you will need to be a member of a club to shoot at these. Indoor full bore ranges are currently being built on the outskirts of Edinburgh (Morton shooting ground) and in the borders at Bisley at Braidwood but I don't know when they will be ready.

    I can supply more info on the range at Carfraemill if it is of interest.

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    A number of clubs shoot at Blairadam including Fife Kinross Fullbore Rifle Club If your location was a little more bit informative, you might get some better quality replies?

    Regards JCS

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    Hi Mulac, could you forward info on the Carfraemill range, cheers

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    Info sent via a pm....


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