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Thread: Scary Stuff, not stalking related

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    Scary Stuff, not stalking related

    Click on the youtube clip for Prison Planet halfway down the page

    This is scary stuff, this is what our government is doing to us now to control our rights to free speech & access to information, how long is it going to be before we are unable to voice our opinions without being branded criminals.
    If you think it doesn't involve you or this sport think again, if it wasn't for members of this site being able to access information via the internet would they have been able to fight the proposed legislation in Scotland as effectively?

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    The British voice is stifled already

    Leaving the bloody muslim extremists to be as vocal as they like whilst any Englishman standing against them is more than likely to be arrested on grounds of being rascist

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    I thought the extremist views of shahid malik, or whatever his name is show the way we are going quite well thanks.

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    If you look carefully into this the powers that be are going to stifle everyone who dares to criticise in anyway, looking at the bigger picture a very unsavoury future is waiting for our children

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    Velkom to the state Komrade

    This is one reason I decided NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN.

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    It appears while we have our eye on the ball or balls over in Afghanistan / Pakistan, mutterings are growing again in Fray Bentos land, obstacles to free passage for shipping headed to the Falklands, that are connected with oil & mineral exploration seem to be growing.

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