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Thread: Speed controllers and timers

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    Speed controllers and timers

    Hi guys speed controllers for pigeon magnets 10 amp 12 volt 32 posted
    These are the heavy duty ones not the cheap crap that keep burning out
    Also ajustable timers for flappers etc 16 each posted or multi 25 each also remote control swiches single channel 16 or double channel 20
    Speed controllers comes with easy fit plugs to fit your magnets
    If intrested please get in touch via pm cheers bob
    All the above are made from proper relays and swiches and have proper connectors no crimp ones these are built to last!!!!and built to order
    And are garranteed
    the pic below is only the prototype the ones for sale have switches fused and better wires that one to give you some idea of size cheers bob
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    Pics of the finished ones timers can be fitted with connectors of your choice
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