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Thread: The Heat Is On. Charging Buck.

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    The Heat Is On. Charging Buck.

    I have a small farm of around 300 acres where the farmer allows me to take one deer per year. I always go there around this time of year and have taken some decent bucks off it in the past. Yesterday evening saw me make my first visit this year.
    After a few pleasantry's and the gift of some venison for the farmer I set off for a stalk with my Labrador Willow in toe. Just as the sun set I found a likely spot between a bean and rape field.
    I spotted this big lad about 300 yards away making his way up the track towards us. He disappeared into the bean field and we quickly closed the gap only to have him jump back onto the track and come bounding towards us at a steady canter.
    I just had the time to lay prone on the bi pod and a quick bark stopped him at 25yards. The 30-06 dropped him on the spot.
    I think he will make a silver medal and is the best buck I have ever taken. His left antler has some weight and the right less so. I will get a better idea of how he will score once I have cleaned the skull. The head has real character and will make a fine trophy.
    He is an old buck and past his best. Full of fat and a carcass weight of 48lbs a real big boy.
    The rut seams to be just kicking off around here. Today I am one very happy hunter.
    Cheers Fallom,oor.
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    If you can only take one off this farm, then that's the one to take lovely buck, well done, great colour and looks to be thick and heavy at the bases, should score well, keep us informed of weight when you cleaned him up, oh and a good carcass weight, that's a big beastie!!


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    Yep should be a few sniffing for his does now well done an old boy is always worth taking out,.

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    Nice buck Steve
    Hope youre both well , say hi to Chris

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    Very nice buck well done was he taken in south yorks ?

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    North Lincs.

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    well done steve. some weight in him though there will be deductions for symetery won't there?

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    Hi John, there may be some deductions but I think he will have the weight and volume to score well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallowm,oor View Post
    North Lincs.
    Ah right , well done though a great buck
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Lovely beast well done


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