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Thread: New Front Mounted Night Vision Add-On

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    New Front Mounted Night Vision Add-On

    Hello all,

    Just a heads up on a new front mounted Night Vision add-on which has just landed on our shelves.

    Ideal for those of you with quality glass, who often wish to convert to NV at night, with no need to rezero, and works on non parallax adjustable or parallax adjustable scopes.

    An inline night vision add on, the new Cobra Blade has a Gen 2+ Pro image intensifier, and comes complete with adaptor for fitting most riflescopes, 50mm objective and larger.

    Anyway we have one on our books now as a demo unit should anyone wish to try on the 7 day demo service, or pop into the showroom.

    IR fitted in pics for testing in dark tunnel at SC HQ is the new Nightmaster Venom Strike for your info.

    More details here

    Buy Cobra Blade Inline Front Mounted Night Vision Attachment. - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    Best Regards

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    Paul. Most of the front mounts I see, fit to the scope. I'm after something to fit a piccatinny rail in front, what are my options ?
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