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Thread: German Shepherd Dogs

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    German Shepherd Dogs

    Has any on here ever used one for deer? My Missus has said I can get a dog, now it will be a pet, but I would like to take it stalking and do the job if required.

    We Had a GSD in the past purely as a pet and really like the breed, she was dosile and we never had a problem with the "Stereotypical Association" that you get with these dogs, yes she barked at strange people, but stopped when told to.

    Are the a good dog to use?


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    The police use these animals to do some tracking. My lab is a pet he is used for birds and deer but to be honest he loves tracking deer you see him get realy pumped when he gets the scent of the blood. I guess you will have no problem with a GSD getting up close and personnal if it has to!!

    A guy I know who has years of experiance stalking recomended to get a dog with a nose for tracking deer!

    Good luck with what ever you get

    Oh by the way you are crated!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave

    Oh by the way you are crated!!
    Just can't get away from it, I know what you're on about, unfortunatley I have not seen it, our Crafty's have gone walkabout....


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    I now of one lad that uses a GSD for tracking deer.
    Dose a good job at tracking deer barks a bit when in the truck but stops when he is out tracking deer.
    Also doubles as a good guard gog for your car.


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    Over the years I owned a few GSD that I used at working trials. They are not the best tracking dogs but are an excellent dual purpose dog this being the main reason that they are used by the Police. They can track and at the end of the track can be a very effective man stopper. In competition the oldest track is 3 hours so they are not in the Bav or Hav league but for a stalker who is looking for a dog to track deer within a short period of shot they are capable but I would be more inclined to go for a lab or GWP.

    If you are thinking dual purpose of a stalking dog and a dog that will guard your property a shepherd is the one.

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    very old thread.. im new to this SD, so will reply anyway.. I have a GSD and will start some tracking with her end of May. They are a very versatile dog so the police love them. Not the best nose, so they have beagles, or spaniels. but, will track for hours and finish the job if need be. Pin the deer for humane dispatch. Not sure what the legalities are in this country on that one. Better find out at training. I can say they are a very motivated dog however and have a great nose. Gona start My irish water spaniel pup too.... probably madness, but we will see. I would love to know if u did get a GSD and if you made a deer dog out of it?

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    we had a german sheperd , his dog was rubbish

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