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    Breed advice

    Hi all, just wanted to pick your brains.

    I want in the future to get myself a working dog to go out with me, primarily on deer and I'm not sure what to go for, have looked into it and the gwp seems like the perfect dog for this. however another consideration I have is that i live with 2 cats and the dog MUST be able to co exist relatively well with them (by relatively well i mean that it can't eat them!!). I have heard some horror stories about gwps and outdoor cats, but both of mine are kept indoors and not allowed out due to their breed. Just wondering if anyone has experience with indoor cats and gwps in particular, or if anyone has any ideas as to other breeds that may be suitable.

    Many thanks!!


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    All our GSP's have tolerated cats. In fact they've been dominated by them when inside. Cats met on walks aren't treated with such indifference, though!

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    if raised with them from a pup i should see no problem they do have a high pray drive alright.their is so many breeds to chose from german short hair,viszla,teckal,hanover hound,berivan scent hound the list goes on.

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