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    Pinholed deer

    Was out on sat morning trying to catch up with some doe's, i had'nt gone far before i spotted 3 roe grazing,i creapt into 135yds and shot the leading doe in the ribs, her reaction was typical leaping forward, but expected reaction ended there, she ran forward 100yds stopped to have a look around before leaping a fence into a wood, she stood just inside the wood looking over her shoulder giving no chance of another shot, as i watched through my scope she walked off into deeper cover showing no obvious sign of injury.
    I was using my .22/250 and a 50grn bullet a combination that is normally quite explosive,but on inspection of the strike sight i could see plenty of cut hair, but only a slight squirt of blood and nothing all the way to the fence.Ten or so mins had now passed so i whistled up my dog and entered the wood,i could see her taking scent straight away so i moved slowly forward glassing into the cover, by now Fern was almost stiff telling me the deer was not far in front,another scan and i spotted the deer lying in cover 25yds ahead,with no chance of a shot i sent the dog on.
    On gralloching the deer it was obvious to see that the bullet had failled to expand,entry and exit holes almost the same size and the tract through her lung looked like no more than bruising.

    My young bitch was in the truck so i decided to lay a trail for her leading to the carcase,i removed a hoof and lay it upon the deer and then led a blood trail back along where ithought the deer would have travelled, this done i continued stalking.
    I returned a couple of hours later with the pup,this was to be her first down wind trail,but her nose went down on the deck and she was off snorting like a pig She went off trail at a ditch crossing,but picked it up again, with 20 yds to go her head came up and she forged forward.She picked up the hoof, so with lots of praise i let her of the leash to play with her prize, which she did for a minute until she decided eating the carcase would be better fun .I'm still not sure if i convinced her that the hoof was the better option But it all made for a interesting morning.


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    cracking picture mate & good morning out.

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    I had one in Dec I went between the ribs, the round didn't start to expand until it was through the first lung. The animal ran 170m and took me a while to find it. It was 50m from the last spot of blood and it was wound down in a flowing streem. I went back to the car and the dog found it for me in the end though.


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    A couple of years back i took a shot at a roe buck with my .222 using 55gr sako gamehead. The buck was about 100m standing side on shot was of a biepod took the shot the deer did not move only lifted its head to see whare the noise came from & wanderd off over a hill & out sight. The friend that was with me said i had missed. I wont say i never miss but a .222 @ 100m of a bipod. So off we went for a look we fpund the buck about 250m further on. The shot had went right threw the lungs missing the ribs on enrty & exit.


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