If you know your kit you will know this is a seriously good jacket.

Its the shorter version of the standard pro hunter jacket for more "active" stalking...

Ive had it around 6 months and only used 5-6 times (i have to many jackets!)

New baby means it has to go

Its size Euro 52.

Jacket is in nearly new condition! No scuff, rips or such like. A small bit off tree sap on the back from being sat up a high seat, i havnt even tried to remove this but figure it cant be that hard!

Apologies for it being a bit creased in photos, im currently moving house and just pulled out of cardboard box tonight..!

If you have any questions please message me!

I paid 400 for this 6 months ago!

300 delivered RM Special Delivery.

I will wash with Goretex approved detergent prior to sending to ensure no Midges are stowedaway Click image for larger version. 

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