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Thread: Tikka t3 243 load data 95 gr heads

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    Tikka t3 243 load data 95 gr heads

    Looking for some help I have a tikka t3 243 and would like to shoot 95 gr bullets any one on here have any load data
    many thanks mark

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    I loaded some 95gr nos bal tips for a mate with rel 19, it was somebody else's recipe, think it was 40grs, made 3 batches at diff oals, one was demon, off the top of my head 2,700 oal was the demon load, its possible ive got it written down, my mate will know

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    I've loaded Nosler 95grn Baltips with 45grns of H4831SC, CCI Large Rifle, RP cases, seated to 2.232 on the ogive originally for my Sako A1 and subsequently moved onto my Blaser standard barrel without any loss of accuracy.

    I've never put them over a chrono so I don't know what fps they run at.

    Chose H4831SC as I could use the same powder in my 7mmRemMag and the book pressures were good compared to other powders such as H4350.



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    I have been looking to purchase the Tikka Loading Manual. It lists the best load for every Tikka rifle, every chambering: what bullets, powder, primer as well as velocities., optimum OAL, and chamber pressures. I haven't found a copy yet so I've had to resort to regular old loading manuals like I have to do with the rest of my rifles. Life would be so much easier if I could just get the Tikka book.~Muir

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    I didnt realise there was such book

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    My T3 Lite shoots 95gn really well.

    A lot of time and money went into this and it suits my rifle but obviously work up to it...

    95gn Sierra Match Kings for targets and 95 gn Hornady SSTs for hunting.

    My target load is Remington primers LR 9 1/2 primer. Hornady brass trimmed to 2.035". 38.3 gn of N140. COAL 2.79" or CBTO 2.230" with the SMKs gave me a group of 0.466" - less the bullet diameter = 0.223".

    Good luck

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    I used 95 grain nosler with 41.5 g of h 430 oal of 2680 worked very well out of a sako 85

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    95gr Nosler BT's used to be an excellent load in my old T3.

    This using 43gr of reloader 22.

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    Cheers lads for all your help
    Regards mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmbeatle View Post
    Cheers lads for all your help
    Regards mark
    Hi Mark, Tikka T3 Lite in .243
    Sierra Match Kings 95grn
    Norma Brass
    Fed.LR primers No 210
    35 grn 4895 --around 2900 fps-- (no H4895 available at the moment) start low work up!!
    I have these set .010" off the lands
    My hunting load with this rifle is 100gn Sierra GK 33gns H4895 Fed L.R. primers Norma brass. (Be safe work up) Good luck.HJ

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