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Thread: Howa short action composite stock (PSE)

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    Howa short action composite stock (PSE)

    Bought this off ejg back in October:

    Basically, I've been trying to get it to work with the Roedale Precision detachable mag trigger guard: basically the action was sitting too high so the mag was at the wrong height. So I've removed a certain amount of material to try to get it to work, but have not succeeded. I must emphasize: IT WORKS FINE with the factory magazine box!

    However IT NEEDS BEDDING before use! I've not rebedded the action since removing material. Also, I've removed a very small amount of material around the front of the opening for the magazine (to fit aforementioned trigger guard).

    The stock itself is very light at around 900g, very stiff too. It has fantastically grippy textured panels.

    Cost me around £320, asking price is £240, posted. Bargain: Edi's normal asking price is over £400 odd...

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    Still for sale... Can provide bedding compound

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    Very good stock, my mate has one.

    ATB with you sale Mat.



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    Looking for a new stock for a 243 howa im getting in a couple of weeks where are you based ??

    ATB Steve

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    I have one of these from Edi or i would have snapped yours up. Nearly half price and they are well worth the full whack.Bargain!

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    Hello There

    Hello there,

    Have been thinking of getting one of these for ages, is this still for sale ?

    PS - Only just registered today.....look forward to hearing from you


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    Not sold yet, though I've been thinking about keeping it and selling the mag conversion instead! It's a great stock so I'm a bit reluctant to sell... PM me if you want to twist my arm

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    Sorry Matt - How do i PM you ? - Anyway would love to talk more about that stock, and other stock options.....anyway snowing up here in Dumfries but out now for a crack at a buck - thanks for getting back in touch - look forward to hearing from you....Cheers

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    You probably ought to introduce yourself first, see Introductions section

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