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Thread: My Roe Buck with Prometheus

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    My Roe Buck with Prometheus

    Hello all,

    Took a me a while to write this great experience that I had with Prometheus "Simon", I had a few family problems hence the delay....lets start

    I have booked for this Monday just gone a morning stalk with Simon, I was after a roe buck, to fill the freezer, I consider myself a hunter...not a trophy deer stalker(with no disrespect to no one).
    We agreed on meeting point and the time in Warwickshire at 4.30am, as usual I woke up at 1am like a kid in a candy store, couldn't wait to go out stalking.
    We met at designated place and time, with a fantastic morning upon us, little bit of wind and a nice morning cool breeze...much needed after the warm nights that we recently experienced. Simon explained to me, what type of terrain we were going to stalk and other very useful information, also a quick check off all my setup for the day, including type of ammunition.
    This was my first time stalking with Simon, he is a really nice person to be in company with, very calm and patience, explaining everything to the last details and why of all his actions during the stalk, as usual I bombarded him with lots of questions.
    4.45am, we open a gate and we on the designated ground, a beauty of a place, entire fields of young trees, as we were driving up on this small hill, Simon was showing me, the amount of different damages made by various species of deer.
    We stop just after the hill, in a sloping field, a quick glass around the field and Simon, tells me to get everything ready and to load up in all my setup out of the back,(rifle, sticks and binos), we started to walk down the sloping field very slowly to reach a hedgerow, Simon quickly whispered, walk less look lots, we started to glass around the field, for a while we didn't see much, but then after 10 minutes, I spot a pair of twitching hears in the long grass, I informed Simon where I saw the movement...knowing that it was 99.9% a Roe doe, we tried with the buttolo deer call, to try to make her curious, but to no avail, she was having none of it, we then lost sight, Simon spotted the animal moving to our right in the long grass and confirmed that it was a roe doe, I couldn't find her, at that point, Simon, said, Mark stay here and get yourself ready, sometimes the roe bucks, they will come from the next field behind us, let me just check, Simon walked to an opening in the hedgerow, glassing the field and every so often a quick squeeze on the buttolo.
    At that point, to my disbelieve, I spotted a Roe buck coming down the Button in the Montecarlo F1 qualifying lap, it was belting it down that field, this was my facial expression , I quickly whispered to Simon, that he didn't realize what was happening in front of me....SSSssssimon....buck buck buck, he quickly joined me standing at the side of the stick, the roe buck its still zooming down the field, quick glass and Simon tells me to get ready, that roe buck will stop at the end of the field, 120 metres circa, quick squeeze of the deer call and by magic, everything slowed down, the buck as stopped in the perfect broadside position, looking at us, Simon very calmly says, if you feel confident with that distance of the stick, take the shot Mark, I steady myself, both eyes open looking down the scope, its a safe shot and good safe back stop, I close my left eye, aligned the repticle with the front leg of the buck, pull up, safe off...there....

    The Roe buck, jumped up stretching his front leg, I quicly reload, the buck runs 15-20 yards into cover, but I heard a tumble in the grass, I look at Simon.....I'm sure it was in the 3 inch sweet spot, I saw the flare in the hair, Simon quickly reassured me, in a very calm way....Mark you hit that animal very hard, believe me, stay with him just in case, keep the scope on that area, after 10 minutes circa, Simon with a big grin on his face, said....well done Mark and shook my hand, I was over the moon, quickly reaching for a cigarette, we will go once you finished that cigarette.
    We walked down to the area, under the advise of Simon, I found the first trace of vivid red blood on a grass strand and some on a small plastic tree tube protector, just 15 yards down the field we found the buck, quick check with the stick and everything was ok.
    Simon went to get the 4x4 with all the gralocking equipment, a super organize stalking lander, everything its there to make the task easy, quick photo and on with the job.
    A quick look around the estate and back to the larder for hanging up the carcass, washing all the equipment used and preparing the buck head for boiling.

    It was a great experience for me, especially being with someone so knowledgeable, calm and patience, willing to share experience and skills

    Thank you Prometheus (Simon)
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    Well done mark, nice write up i bet your still grinning now
    Alb jab.

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    Great write up.
    Mauser M03 Extreme .308 / Ruger 22 250

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highbird70 View Post
    I spotted a Roe buck coming down the Button in the Montecarlo F1 qualifying lap, it was belting it down that field, this was my facial expression
    Good one Mark, well done. Felt like I was there with you. Thank you for taking the time to write it up.

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    Vey well written account Mark, it's good to read other SD members sort'es, and especially when it concludes in the way described, well done!!!

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    Well done Marko, great read and a nice first buck to top it off. So much better than that scabby fox cub the other week...!


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    Well done on your first buck. Hopefully the first of many more.

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    well done mate the grin says it all dont it ,a day to remember,atb doug,

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