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    Kiwi video's

    A friends friend who does a bit of control some miles away passed these on too me for a view, I watched 2/3rds of 'The Venison Hunters' last night and I must admit too being a we bit green with envy. Great adventures and some real characters on there as well. I also have Good Keen Men and The Last Great Adventure too watch as well. Not the same as doing it yourself but a diffrent era altogether, great too watch with the boys.
    Any body else seen them.....I would love too have read thier mitigation/method statements

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    Re: Kiwi video's

    Quote Originally Posted by macberran
    Any body else seen them.....
    No, but read the book and flown with one of the best chopper Pilots from that time, like others on here spent a bit of time hunting on the South Island.



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    Venison Hunters

    I have the Venison Hunters video, brilliant video, would highly recommend it, some great stories, mad isnt the word for some of the stories. They shot some amount of animals.


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    Funny i was just talking about the Venison hunters to some friends yesterday. I was out in NZ when they where still Bulldogging the hinds (jumping out of helis to catch them) i will try most things but that did'nt appeal my mates brother jumped a spiker and got its antler through his thigh.
    It certainly was a great adventure, but maybe best left in the archives


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