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Thread: Hornady 130gr SP.

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    Hornady 130gr SP.

    The advertising literature describes these bullets as having explosive expansion characteristics. They look like standard soft point hunting bullets to me. Does anyone have experience of these? Are they explosive like a varmint round or controlled like a hunting round?

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    .308 Win. I like light for calibre rounds.

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    125's are very good and accurate for deer/fox ,i'v not used the 130's but try'd 110hp on fox but then again i like pro-hunters 150 gr for all my needs with the .308 .
    good luck with your bullet choice feller.

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    Thanks Paul. I've been using Sako 123gr and had great results. Recently started hand loading and hoping to repeat the same success.

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    Its the Best way to get the best results for you choice of bullet and reloading your own is the way to go ,iv been reloading for years mty. be safe in your endeavors

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    I have been reloading for many years and was happy to experiment and find the sweetest load for my rifle. I was shocked and disappointed to find that PPU was more accurate than my home loads. The left/top ware 150 gr sierra SPBT from standing with sticks and kneeling with sticks. The right/bottom were the PPU standing and kneeling.
    It sort of knocks your end in for home loads.
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    i do and others achieve the same or better with home loads

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    My Sako shoots tight and accurate groups with almost all the the factory loads I've tried. I don't really see how I can obtain better or more meaningful results by loading my own, it's just something I want to learn about. It may also ease my way into a more obscure caliber later if I ever swap in the .308...

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    nowt wrong with the privvis if it works dont knock it

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