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Thread: roe ammo

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    roe ammo

    Hi chaps looking for a 80 grain bullet with plastic balistic tip that will fire flat 300 yds ,sorry gun is .243 tika light price not a problem cheers rob

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    There ain't one. No bullet flys flat to 300 that's deer legal, or is in a stupidly 'barrel burning' wildcat chambering (6.5-338 etc) An 80gr 243 is an 80gr 243.
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    as above most will have 6 -7 inch drop at 300

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    So you are looking for Nosler Ballistic tip 80grn .243 dia bullets.
    Are you asking who has these bullets in stock rob, or are you asking about a suitable load?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    As stated above won't be flat to 300, but hornady are bringing out SST in 75grn. They are reputed to have less bullet drop than most at that weight, I is the 95grn in my 243 and they are great on roe.

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    out of interest...why plastic tip?

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    The chap I have started shooting with seams to sware by them and as ime a newby took is word for it but I am learning ,don't believe everthing you here thanks for your help chaps.

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    hi i use 80 spbt and 44 grain h414 or winchester 760 powder not flat at 300 i get a drop of 5 inch

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    Personally I would worry about learning to shoot properly at 100-150 yards before worrying about 300 yards. You did say:-

    The chap I have started shooting with
    which suggests your starting out in shooting.

    Now if your getting offered longer shots all the time then perhaps a 200 yard zero would help however personally I would be trying to get closer than 300 yards where ever possible.

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    [QUOTE=Brithunter;826876]Personally I would worry about learning to shoot properly at 100-150 yards before worrying about 300 yards.


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