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Thread: Roe head prep advice

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    Roe head prep advice

    Shot a tidy little roe buck last night....nothing special, but a nice buck none the less and a bit of history to this one so decided to keep the head.
    Skinned it, fleshed it, boiled it, then realised i had recently used the last of my peroxide so can bleach it.
    I know for best results you should ideally bleach while the head is still damp.
    I wont be able to get access to any peroxide until monday at the earliest.
    Any advice on the best way to proceed? Should i soak the skull in cold water before applying the peroxide next week or just apply it to the skull dry?

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    Sorry, posted in wrong section......bloody whisky!!!

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    I dont believe it will make much difference either way.

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    I always do it while wet, have been told it's better that way. Think I'd prob soak it if I had to wait before bleaching.

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    Keep it in a bucket of water until you get the peroxide.Wf1

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