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    Harris adapter


    Has any one used a Harris HB2 or HB2R adapter to fit a bipod to a timber stocked Sauer 202?

    If so which of the above two models is the best option?



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    Hi Evo,
    I gave up waiting for the adapters you mention. I ended up fitting a conventional sling swivel to my Sauer. It has to be the metal screw type so that you can put a nut on the inside of the forend. I made my own as I have a lathe, but I have seen them advertised in the bushwear catalogue.
    You will need to counter bore the wood slightly so the nut fits flush allowing the long securing bolt to be accessed with the allen key that came with your rifle. One other consideration is that you warrantee will be void if you mess with the wood, so best to wait till the rifle is two years old if this worries you.
    If you need any help p.m. me.

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    I've got an unused HB2R which I picked up in the States for my wooden stocked Sauer 200 before I then wen't down an alternate route. If you want it, it's yours for a tenner?



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    Thanks Buckup. I have ordered one from Bushwear so I will see how that goes.

    Thanks Tom also. I might get that off you as I have two 202s that both need bipods and Im doing a lot more hill work lately.



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    Just let me know as I've got no use for it.

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    Any idea which one of these adaptors you need for a wood stock sauer 202?


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