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Thread: Waxproof jackets - Alternatives to Barbour?

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    Waxproof jackets - Alternatives to Barbour?

    What are the current options in the way of waxproof jackets? Barbour seems overpriced to me, and the 20-40 ones I see on Ebay and at markets are probably not of the best quality.

    Is there a mid-priced option that can be recommended?


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    I've tired them all - the cheap market ones, the 40-60 Hoggs, Dickies etc and Barbour wins hands down. My wife ripped her pocket and Barbour repaired it and re-waxed it good as new. I've had my current one ~6 years and it is going strong. I used to get through a cheap one every year.

    My advice would be to bite the bullet and get a Barbour. Everything else (I have tried) is a poor imitation.

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    I had to check the date on this post as waxed jackets went out of use in the '80's. Stiff in the cold, melt in the heat and the corduroy collar holds water for hours after the rain is off.
    PS i have a Barbour waxed retro waist length jacet in light blue. 65 posted. (unworn).

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    Mid priced wax jacket is a Barbour second from their factory shop. It's in South Shields and comes up if you google it.

    Try one on at your local shop to get the style and size you want, then give the factory shop a ring. They'll post one to you. I've had a few this way. The "faults" on the seconds jackets are barely noticeable. Cost is usually between half and two thirds of the full price.

    Partridge ( from Staffordshire) used to be a rival to Barbour, but they're pretty much fashion items now and are expensive.



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    I think that you can get some decent Barbours on eBay at a reasonable price. It is also worth checking the Oxfam website. My wife directed me to this and there were some cracking looking harbours at a good price. In particular I noted a couple of Northumbrias and a Border, which looked pretty much as new. Might be worth a look. I have a longshoreman smock, which although is a bit smelly now, serves me really well. Best wishes.

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    I bought mine form a Barbour stocking in the Lake district around 3 years ago not when they had a summer sale on, got it nearly half price, still 100 but goes to work, Shooting/Beating and walking and still going strong just needs waxing every year or so when the pheasant season kicks off and good as new. Shop around and you can find good deals if your not in a rush to buy one.

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    I have had a Boyt Harness hunting coat in microfiber with Scotchguard treatment and a wool liner for years. It is very waterproof, breathable, relatively lightweight, great pockets, including lined ones to warm your hands, seude leather collar and cuff edges, zip out game bag, and looks good enough to wear out shopping. It is olive green. Upland Jacket.

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    I recently bought a Beretta waxless cotton hunting coat, for much colder weather. It is nice, too. The Field Coat. Much less expensive than the Gamekeeper ($680 US).
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    Waxed is a little dated but I have a Barbour longshoreman smock that I bought in the 90's. If the weather is truly terrible I wear it instead of any modern breathable jacket I have. Last winter I wore it in a howling gale on the slobs after duck, driving icy rain and I was very cosy! A second hand Northumbria with the original wool lining would be a great buy. Charity shops or ebay. I had Barbour totally rebuild a Northumbria for me a few years ago. 30 year old jacket that was my dad's came back good for another 30!

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    Wax jackets may be out of date, but still work as well as ever they did.
    Same goes for Ventile, it just plain works, outperforming and outlasting any modern breathable liner coat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Wax jackets may be out of date, but still work as well as ever they did.
    Same goes for Ventile, it just plain works, outperforming and outlasting any modern breathable liner coat.

    You beat me to it Neil, What is or has 'out of date' (whatever that means) got to do with it ? If it works it works..! If you want to keep dry then good quality wax jackets do the job - end of..! Bit like Wool really, Not fashionable but sheep have done quite well on it over the years and if you want to keep warm (and dry come to that) you wont go far wrong.

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