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Thread: CLA Gamfair 2014

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    CLA Gamfair 2014

    Please be assured, not wishing to provoke any adverse reaction from any organiser or supporter. However, does anyone else believe that £30 on the door for the CLA Gamefair is just a tad over the top. Its a fare ole cost involved when you factor in a few drinks and food and in my case 1 nights B+B. Aside from a day out and a good ole mooch, I went to find new ideas for products for my new business, likewise assess first hand the" foot-fall" and chat with a few craft stall holders. Didn't really wish to pry to hard on there costs for there stall ,but the feedback wasn't that great. The products I produce are best seen in the flesh so to speak. I 'm therefore considering investing in a stall myself for one of the future Game fairs. Any feedback good or bad would be most appreciated, being a new start up, any Sales or Marketing budget is always going to be tight, therefore keen to spend my coin on the right promotion to hopefully reep a fair reward. Thanks in advance Steve

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    It is expensive but it's a great day out.

    One guy I spoke to about his stand said its eye-wateringly expensive. For a big tent, hospitality only- no direct sales was £7200!! He also said they got screwed the year it was cancelled. CLA Told everyone they could roll their deposits forward but then comparatively cranked up the stand price next year to make sure they weren't out of pocket.

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    Wow!! One trader i spoke to explained how previous he had been able to offer more discounted pricing,visitors looking for show bargains, however he was now in a catch 22 situation, his costs were such he didnt have the same margin to play with.The result far more window shopping than buying. Personally i dont belive fair organisers have the right balance. More bargains = more punters through the gates.High gate prices, high rents and they risk a spiral down of browsers and ultimately year on year out fewer traders, mores especially country craft traders whom traditonally are more cottage industry based and thrive off more modest returns. I dont have the answers but feel sure something needs to change ongoing!

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    I agree in my opinion it's getting silly. We wanted something from Fir Feather and Fin which we oddly couldn't find listed in the program's awfully arranged index. (Apologies if it's there but two of us didn't see it although I'm a man so have a genetic disadvantage in finding stuff )

    Anyway, we googled their website from the excellent 3G coverage (o2) and found the item for £42 plus a couple of quid postage.
    We then found their stall and sure enough they had the product there BUT for £67. When I asked them to match it, they said no they were unable to make show discounts (Sunday afternoon as well) and to order it online instead!!!!!
    Strange old world.

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    Yes i do !! but this year seemed to be better somehow ! very expensive FOOD IS WELL OVER THE TOP !!! and has driven the small outlets away so less real deals stall on stall, most have a set price for the same kit , and the old cash guv price did't work as it used to but haho i enjoyed it and will do it all again next year. And as bonus next year is night out with the lads

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    If you think we got ripped off as visitors! How about having to hire card machines at £400 for the three days (£100 refunded if you took it back) because normal cell based portable units didnt seem to work there + a shoe box stand for £1,500.

    You needed to shift plenty of kit or have a deep marketing budget if you are a big distributor and need to be there as a PR exercise.
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    £30 to go and buy something wow

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    One exhibitor I was talking to reckoned he had spent £10K-£15K on stand, staff and accommodation costs. He wasn't sure it was worth it, but wasn't ruling out the possibility that it might be.

    Comparisons (time of year/numbers) are often made with Glastonbury these days: does anyone know how the CLA compares money-wise to exhibiting or having a day there?

    In any case, why people go to any fair expecting bargains is beyond me. Does anyone really think it's cheaper for a trader to sell goods from a remote tent than from their own base, or that footfall is necessarily greater than hits on a web site, especially from those who are looking to buy? As for the latter, who prefers lugging bulky/heavy gear across a showground to having a courier bring it to the door?

    The show provides an opportunity to become aware of things you didn't previously know existed, and to try out things that are hard to evaluate online (especially optics, clothing, and delicious stuff from the food court). It is also good for second-hand guns, rifles and components that require face-to-face sales; and it is great for meeting up with people you haven't seen since whenever.

    Additionally, it's a unique opportunity to talk to many of the people who decide what products to make, as well as to see in one place the kind of fine guns that you usually couldn't view without an appointment and many more road miles. Incidentally, I can never work out why so many people will throng to a "paddock" full of luxury cars they could never afford to buy, yet adopt a "them's not for the likes of us" attitude when presented with the chance to see the "supercars" of the shooting world at similarly close quarters. and even to talk to some of the people who actually make them: but then I think fast cars are dull and that pretty much all guns are fascinating.

    Ultimately, the kit is great, but that's not the real point, which is meeting, communicating and connecting with people who share out interests, and doing so on so huge a scale that what might otherwise be stigmatised is (rightly) normalised. So my only gripe, apart from the fact that the drop-off point for the car-park buses was a long, narrow and increasingly-muddy verge away from the entrance, is that Gunmakers' Row was on a spur of its own, making it possible to spend the whole day at the fair without entering our particular bit of the vast country living "experience" that is the Game Fair
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    No gripes about this yrs fair we all know it's an expensive walk around getting hot or wet and muddy and having to pay silly money for a soft drink and a butty BUT leave yr poor dogs at HOME if you can't leave em at home don't go to the fair this yr was so hot and watching so called dog lovers parade around with the dogs tongues hangin out was a rather sad affair anyone that thinks thier dog enjoys that is nuts and cruel !

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    Mr gain @ norma 308
    you both got it spot on in my book
    some very valid points
    we went Friday was bloody hot but enjoyed our day
    regards pete

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