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Thread: Deer photos needed?

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    Deer photos needed?

    I am currently working on a website build for a deer related site. I need some deer photos to replace the sexy lady in the template, why? you may ask. The site is for a group (Many are members here) but will not have a forum so it is not another to compete with this one. Your help is appriciated and you will get credit for any picture used. real name of DS name your choice,

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    a few here jimbo, not sure they'll be any good to you!

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    Why not look through the deer in general and theyre antlers thread which is a sticky at the top..

    See something you like and PM who took the photo..

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    Not sure if these will be of any use but here you go:-

    Hmmm cannot find some of them

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    Luv the one with the toothpick!

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    Thanks guys thats a great help.
    It will keep me busy,

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    right click any image and "save picture as", download to your PC and manipulate as you want

    Job done

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    Been there Dan, That is why I put the thread up. I don't want accussed of pinching pics. I would rather use with permission, Keeps it abovce board, Cheers, Jim

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