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Thread: Calling Bucks

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    Calling Bucks

    I'm new to stalking and am struggling to have any success with my borrowed Buttolo. How do you successful Roe callers do it? I've watched clips on YouTube for the noise and timing but how long should I "feee" away for at a time etc etc. The rut has started according to a few local keepers and I have a nice bit of ground that's nearly a bowl that I can sit on the top lip and wait.


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    take a look at john robos site yds on utube and vids ,or elmmer fudds check the vids and copy,

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    Theres no big secret to it
    I took a client out a couple of days ago to a field id seen does in recently , i called three short peeps expecting does to come in hopefully followed by a buck , we were a bit surprised a nice 6 pointer appeared out the whins 300m away and ran straight into us stopping about 40m away
    If they,r about and up for it they,l come in , just dont over do it by calling too much

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    Where in aberdeenshire are you? I had some success last year but have tried calling twice this last week and brought nothing else but does in, the bucka have not been interested. Last yeR it was second week of August so not sure if I've missed it or too early.
    That said last year I had not shot a deer so so was just out playing with the buttolo to see if it worked. Could have been law of he sod it worked when I did not have a rifle.

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    go up to forum at top of this page scroll down to thread on videos, theres calling on there

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    Cheers for the replys, I'm in between Aboyne and Ballater.

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    Should have said Paddy , if your up on top of a bowl make sure you have some cover behind you , dont be showing on the skyline

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    If there are does in season they will come , you should be able to call does anyway even if there is no rutting. I tend to do two pheeps about a couple of seconds apart then a three pheeps after about ten seconds then pause for a while keeping ears and eyes skinned and repeat. Even better if you spot the buck first before you start.

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    Meant say had a first today called a fallow doe (pure white black eyes), she kept on coming to the call had to make myself known to shoo her away. Anyone else called fallow with a buttolo?

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    4 bucks called in with clients last week, one we had seen at 475 Mts when we started to call, in three mins it was at 40 and taken off sticks. The other three were all unseen when we started to call and all came in alone without does.
    the problem can be that they appear quickly and very close, to close to get in position to get a shot off without spooking first, so you need to pick your spot carefully so as not to be surprised. One of ours was taken from a high seat and it literally charged in from woodland cover and stood 5 or 6 Mts from us looking for the perceived intruder buck before moving to a position where a sensible shot could be taken. He was a heavy weight too 49lb on the hook, best this year, with a great head to boot.

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