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Thread: fallow - Moffat

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    fallow - Moffat

    Quick question for those from that area.

    If I saw a fallow buck in the dealers chiller with the tag reading "tillhill - Moffat", is it safe to assume that it came from the east of the M74, or do tillhill operate on the west side of the motorway from the Moffat site?

    A nice beast as well, 56kg in the larder.


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    shouldn't be many fallow to the east as they've never semmed to have crossed the railway/m74 but there's sika to the east, fallow to the west though right up to the motorway from clyde wind farm down to stephen's croft power station

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    It may have come from near a piece of ground called Blacklaw Moffat.


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    Thanks,for the input gents. Paul, your comments mirror what was my understanding.

    Jimbo, are you saying there's a recognised fallow population to the east of the motorway? Might be some lucky stalkers with 3 species on their ground, roe, fallow and sika!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo 30 06 View Post
    It may have come from near a piece of ground called Blacklaw Moffat.

    Blacklaw itself has never reported any fallow previously certainly but sika have been taken, it would be cracking for all concerned if the fallow have made it across and likewise with the sika to the other side

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    Blacklaw comes right upto M74 but west side. When I looked at the ground ranger said Fallow had been shot there.


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    Don't know if the ranger meant to say sika maybe?

    2009/10 = 21 Roe & 2 sika 2010/11 = 22 Roe
    2011/12 = 21 Roe
    1/4/12 – 31/01/13 = 18 Roe


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    I was under the impression fallow have been seen on the east side from a stalker that was previously part of the blacklaw syndicate

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    worth asking your local fc rangers, they'll know for sure.

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    I take it that this was seen in the dealers recently. Must have a bit of a problem with the fallow then if they are not waiting for the season to start.
    I'm keen to get out on my ground a week on Friday (1st of August).
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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