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    I got tired, but I think that there should be some sort of award for word juggling and red herring production. Look at this section to me it says absolutely F*** all but at the same time manages to make the DCS look like a benign organisation, with nothing but deer welfare as it's main concern.
    Good find Steve

    "Question 9B: safeguarding deer welfare

    4.15 Respondents were split on this question, between those who wanted to maintain the current position/disagreed there was a problem and those who agreed something more formal was needed.

    4.16 Many of those in favour of maintaining the current situation suggested encouraging increased uptake of DCS Levels 1 and 2. The popular ADMG view was classified as seeking something more formal and stated:

    'We would hope that the industry will promote competence and Best Practice and that within five years all those shooting deer unsupervised will be able to demonstrate competence to a level agreed by Scottish Government and the industry'"


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    I got the email from the scottish government (PSML )

    sorry but they could not organise a piss up in a brewery

    Hyperlinks to all the political esperanto, long live the DSC, SHN and any other public funded 3 letter achronym you can think of.

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    To be fair, they asked for submissions, we submitted our responses, and they are now presenting the analysis. Would we prefer it if (a) we were not asked for our thoughts in the first place, or (b) we never heard the results of our submissions

    If you take the time to look at the document, it's not that difficult to cut through the governmental bullsh*t. For example, this is a link to the analysis of the responses regarding Deer:

    As an example, we all got fired up at the time about many of the questions, particularly those that referred to demonstrating competence. So:

    Question 9A: demonstration of skills for all those who shoot deer in Scotland

    4.35 The majority of respondents were in agreement with this proposal (59%). However, most felt that having a fire arms certificate or adequate experience was sufficient demonstration of skills and knowledge. The following response from a public body captures the general sentiments; 'We strongly advocate that all those taking or killing deer should do so to a required standard, but the decision on how best to achieve this must be guided by the deer industry'.

    4.36 Of those who disagreed, a number felt there was no need to change a system that already delivers high standards; 'There has been a long tradition in Scotland that all people who stalk have high ethical standards and constantly try and improve their knowledge and stalking skills' (member of the public). Others felt it could end up being overly bureaucratic.

    4.37 There were few suggestions of how to safeguard the welfare of the deer except by continuing existing practice. However a small number of respondents suggested the industry should promote best practice guidelines, so that; 'Within five years all those shooting deer unsupervised will be able to demonstrate competence to a level agreed by Scottish Government and the industry' (landowner).
    The above are my underlinings, but many of the comments seem to reflect what I have read many times on posts on this site. They can, of course, ignore them, but at least we have made our feelings known and they have been registered.

    Right, tin hat now being placed firmly on head


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    Here is the email

    Dear Sir/Madam
    We would like to apologise for the delay in the publication of the Consultation Analysis, due to unforeseen circumstances.
    However we are now pleased to advise that the Analysis of the Consultation responses for the Wildlife & Natural Environment Bill and the accompanying Research Findings have now been published on our website.
    You can access the documents directly by using the links below:
    Full Consultation Analysis -
    Research Findings -
    Alternatively you will shortly be able to access both documents from the Wildlife & Natural Environment Bill Consultation main page shown below:
    Copies will also be available from the Scottish Government Library (however a charge will be made for this).
    In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.
    Hugh Dignon Tel: 0131 244 7574
    Thekla Garland Tel: 0131 244 07324
    Chris Douglas Tel: 0131 244 6544
    Kind regards
    Chris Douglas
    Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill Team

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    double yolker

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    Right, tin hat now being placed firmly on head


    Anything in there about the 223??

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    A 4-page summary of the consultation can be found here:

    The summary of the deer analysis takes up one column of one page, but the single paragraph summary is as follows:

    The largest section of the consultation document related to deer, and deer-related questions received the highest response rate, particularly questions concerning deer management. Almost all respondents supported the maintenance of a default voluntary deer management structure. However, the majority of proposals generated a split in opinion among respondents, particularly in relation to issues concerning skills and knowledge. Proposals relating to changes to the Close Season were least likely to receive support.
    Again, my underlining, but the above again seems to reflect the opinions I read in the posts on this site.



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    You can accsess the documents directly by firstly donning the ******** deflectors you will find at each place setting 8)

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    After having a long read it is quite apparent that the Government needed all the help they could get on this one and still came up short. This might get the government thinking down a different line to laws and Mandatory testing.

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