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Thread: Boar trip

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    Boar trip

    Lads I'm wanting to plan a boar hunting trip for about a half dozen of us (lucky me) ,its for a stag party .
    We are all deer stalkers and none of us have previous experience with pigs.
    The budget will be tight ,about E1,000.00 a skull ,plus flights, we would like to shoot 2 days and hire rifles .
    Where should I be looking ? I have no intention of using a middle man ,I'd like to organise this directly with the owner /guide of the shoot.
    I heard of an Irish outfitter selling packages for 1700/1800 euro and making a grand a skull for his trouble ,that's not what I'm after.
    we also don't want to pay trophy fees .
    Any advice welcome ,on locations,time of year or contacts.


    blaser .270

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    I have just been reading about a guy on another site that has decided to do a few 'lower end' trips as opposed to his usual one or two high cost trophy trips
    Have a word with dodeer on pigeon watch.
    Then of course there is your very own SIKA98 on this site, he has contacts in Hungary and very successful they have been too.

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    Available: Boar Hunts, winter 2014.

    went last year and it was a cracking trip, full details in the thread but also below with pics and video

    Croatian Boar | Galloway Field Sports

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    Spain might be worth a look. Either on a monteria or under the moon. I'm doing a couple as an add on to an auodad hunt next autumn and trophy Tuskers (free range) were inexpensive.

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