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Thread: Advice on uploading video to Youtube!

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    Advice on uploading video to Youtube!

    Can any of the regular youtubers advise me on uploading videos to youtube?

    I created it on Imovie, (14 minutes long, 2.13GB MPEG4), I compressed it using Iskysoft to Codec H.264, Res 720*480, Frame rate and bit rate I left as automatic. It cut the upload from 1000mins+ to just under 400 mins but when I came to play it on youtube the quality was very poor.

    I am reluctant to post it as it's amateur as it is nevermind the poor resolution!

    I thought Iskysoft was supposed to help compress without loosing the quality. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    hi tack check the links below here bottom left hope this helps,doug

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    Thanks. I have had a read of a few already but none really answer the question. Its the quality of the picture that is really bugging me as I want it to look as good as possible! With the drop in picture quality it is more noticable how bad my filming is !! I have adjusted the setting and uploaded it again so we will see if it has made any effect. If it is better I might post it.

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    glad to see it when its done hope you sort it ,im no tech wizard

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    Posted in the articles section. Enjoy
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