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Thread: Clothing

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    Can anyone recomend a good online hunting clothing supplier?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Fantastic, my Montana Jkt had a rip in a pocket when I went to ware it for the first time, phoned them up, they sent another straight away courier service and collected the damaged jkt.

    Spot on.

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    I use Black Wolf Supplies, same service, seem to have better prices.

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    have a look at country covers.they are in devon.some cracking kit,i have a pair of trousers (avenger) very good

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    Bought a Falkland set off country covers last year. Jacket is
    real nice although I wouldn't use it for rough shooting. The pants
    just fall apart! One side pocket just pulled off while lying on the ground.
    The sewing thread must have just been bad. My mate got a pair of falkland pants also, his whole seam came apart after wearing twice. At least i got three outings out of mine.
    Maybe it was just a once off wrong thread selection. Otherwise the pants
    are comfortable and quite waterproof.


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    Simply the best IMHO

    Not the cheapest mind.

    Best rgds


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    ejg, they told me any problems to send them straight back and it would be sorted.did you contact them.i have a runnarkop jacket,the first one i had the zip was no good so i rang them up then sent it to them in burton on trent two days and i had a brand new one with a different type of zip.very good service with i would highly recomend runnarkop clothing .

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    Tika.308 I will take my pants along to the IWA as I'm going again this year. I'm sure they will change them because it's so obvious. The stiching
    just tears with no force. Pants are almost new not even washed once.
    Might even try the avenger pants next.


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    I use country covers as well. The Falklands out fit is amazing, I use they stuff for Wildfowling and can sit on the foreshore and watch the others all get up and go home, frozen and wet, I have always remained dry and warm, and always last to leave.
    Not cheap, but I reckon they are as good as you get.
    Funnily enough I noticed that the stitching had started to come undone around the groin the other night, although its a double row stitched and has not affected the trousers in any way.
    The kit comes with a four year gaurantee, against damage- your fault or theirs.
    They are at a show near me in a months time so I will take them back then.
    It will definately be buying more stuff from them,Try the merino woll shirt, its fantastic. Worn it to hell and back and it's still ther best and warmest shirt I own

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    i will have a look at them shirts poodle thanks.when i got my trousers the lady on the stall told me any problems give them a call and they would sort them out,touch wood not had any trouble.dont get me wrong they have not had a hard life (yet) the first time i wore them was on the woodcock in northern ireland last year going through areas of waist high heather in places and not a problem,this time i had a brand new pair of deerhunter gaiters on over my boot and they looked 10 years old when we got back after one day all the ripstop stitching went fluffy/hairy

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