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Thread: Partizan 30-06

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    Partizan 30-06

    Looking at trying them for the 30-06 ...any users out there?
    I know they seem to get various reviews but at £16 a box less than half some of the others.
    The ones I'm looking at are the 180 grain, used in 75 finnlight.
    I don't reload but If I start I can't reload that cheaply can I?
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    Man that must kick like a mule

    is it moderated?

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    "is it moderated? "

    Oh yessss.
    Least it will be when I decide...Jet z OR Wildcat...think it'll be the Jet z tho, prefer the weight distribution on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldan
    Man that must kick like a mule

    is it moderated?
    Stock design plays a huge part in controlling felt recoil. I am sorry to say that I felt the the Finnlite's stock seemed very poor in this respect and that was a .308 one a friend brought. He didn't like it much either and tended to use his Tikka T3 tactical instead for stalking. Last I heard he was swopping the Finnlite for another rifle but due to his beign very busy I have not seen him to see what he got.

    I have a featherweight rifle in .270 Winchester the rifle sans scope weighs 6 1/4lbs add scope rings and sling and it weighs :-

    7lbs 13oz
    It now has a new scope as the sharp recoil over the years damaged a screw in the scope eyepiece that the fast focus tracks on so it now needs a repair and service . However the rifle is not uncomfortable to shoot even prone .

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    Hi I have a winchester 70 in 30-06 and i use privi without a mod on 180grns and it shoots ok i also use privi in 270 very good round and for the money its as good as any
    ps now very deaf lol

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    I bought some prvi 180gr last week for my 308 and 5 shot group under an inch! Iv also tried the 150gr and 165gr and all shoot under an inch! for the money its good!


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    I have used Privi in various calibres and different weights and all have been as good as any other at twice the price.
    Maybe I have been lucky but have used it in a Remmy .222 Styre .243 Remmy .308 and Styre 30-06 with and without mods at times and have been very pleased with it. I have used the 30-06 with 180gn as bought and 150gn with changed bullets as Privi only do 150 in FMJ.
    I have also heard from others that it scatters like a shotgun but have yet to see that and find that hard to believe.
    PS have recently got some of their 170gn Grom 30-06 for use on wild Boar, have yet to try it as I don't want to upset my present zero.
    I also bought some of the 170gn Grom bullets at less than £20 a 100 for when I do get back to reloading which won't be for a while as long as i can still get Privi ammo at the present price.
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