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Thread: budget 243 rifles

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    budget 243 rifles

    Im looking to get a 243 but I got a low budget and seen alot of parker hales going cheap but I dont now nothing about them really just woundering if any body nows anything about them, I dont want nothing special I only want It to shoot the odd deer here and there or is there any other rifles out there round the same price I can get.

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    what sort of price are you looking at?


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    It depends on what rifle it is really I cant aford much atm, I dont want nothing fancy as it wont be used much.

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    Marlin XS7, comes with mounts, shoots very well. Looks good, light weight, fairly stout barrel.

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    Parker Hale or CZ

    I`ve dropped Roe and foxes with both. They do the job with no fanciness and can be had for peanuts.

    Some Parker Hales are bloody nice rifles actually.

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    +1 for parker hale or or brno / cz
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    Second hand Remmy 700 or Howa, bolt on bits are in abundance, at least then you have a base to start with for a semi custom rig once you have some cash.

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    Cheers guys for the info I seen some howas and remmys going at a desecent price but I wouldn't mind a parker hall or a brno

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    An idea of the Budget you have in mind would help.

    The Parker-Hales, unless one is considering the Midland 2100 by P-H, are all built on the Mauser 98 action so customising bits are also in abundance should one wish to customise.

    With any used rifle one should inspect the bore as best one can for throat wear. Make sure you d this with a clean bore as due to some folks not believing in barrel/bore cleaning sometimes the fouling is so bad that is can make the bore look shot out. I found this with an old BSA Majestic. A weekend spent soaking the fouling and scrubbing the bore revealed nice pronounced rifling whereas before it was very shallow. I doubt that rifles bore had ever been cleaned . That was a 270 Winchester chambered rifle.

    With old compacted fouling like that one has to strip it back in layers as it's laid down in layers. I used P-H 009 Nitro Solvent to loosen the caked on powder residue/fouling then Forest Foaming Bore cleaner to remove any copper jacket fouling neither of which are what I would consider aggressive cleaners.

    Good luck in your search .
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    Cheers for that brithunter I'm thinking of spending bout 250 that's the thing people don't always clean the rifle so I got to be carfull on the barrel condition but I'm in no rush so I'll have a good look around and see what comes up I mght have a look at the west mid show in september

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