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Thread: Reloading @yorkshire school of reloading

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    Reloading @yorkshire school of reloading

    Hi Guys

    I thought I'd let everyone know I've just learnt how to reload my own ammunition for my stalking rifle. The course was run by a guy called Frank Reynolds Yorkshire School of Reloading who I purchased some high seats off a few weeks ago.

    My partner Mark and I travelled to Halifax and met Frank again who greeted us with a bacon butty and a brew! When the other guys arrived who were also doing the course it was down to business. We all learned how to make our own rounds and then after lunch we tested the loads on Franks Range.

    We all had a smashing day, learned a great deal, good weather, good food Happy days. It goes to show even a woman can do it!!! :-p

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    Sounds like you had a great day, It's always good for your confidence to be shown how to reload correctly!

    Good luck.

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