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Thread: Yildiz side-by-side 12bore 3 1/2" non-ejector wildfowling shotgun

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    Yildiz side-by-side 12bore 3 1/2" non-ejector wildfowling shotgun

    Good morning everyone.

    I'm selling my 'fowling piece as the way my shooting has moved on means that I just don't need a dedicated gun for wildfowling anymore unfortunately. For those who want a lot of technical details, it's this gun here that was reviewed in Shooting Times in 2011: Yildiz Eleganta A3TM magnum shotgun review review - Shooting UK

    It is pretty much in mint condition, and in fact the stock is a lot nicer than it was originally as I've worked on it with linseed oil. A little bit of Kentish foreshore mud in the forend checkering lends it some wildfowling cred.

    I'd also add from a less tangible perspective that this gun is a proper 'fowling piece. It's very clearly the modern version of the old big bore shotguns. When you mount it, it has a certain heft, as if all the parts are just a bit larger than in a normal 12bore to handle those massive 3 1/2" BBs, which kick a bit. If you're heading out after wildfowl on 1st September this year, why not do it with a proper 'fowling piece?

    Ah, also, I'd like 695 for it, and I will throw in three boxes of Remington 3" and 3 1/2" steel shot cartridges, which are worth something like 70. Comes in its' original box with a full set of multichokes, choke keys, manual, etc.

    Any questions, please ask.

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    I should also point out that this gun is obviously proofed for steel shot. Also, this is a shameless bump.

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    Are you packing in Fowling Mr Pine Martin? Good luck with the sale
    Another convert to the Dark side

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roelander View Post
    Are you packing in Fowling Mr Pine Martin? Good luck with the sale
    I'm having to put it on ice for a while unfortunately. I was never able to make the best of the KWCA membership because ducks just won't adapt to my availability and location. But now that demands on my time and budget are greater, I've had to refocus. In addition, my 'fowling friends and I are in dire need of a collective experience of success which I have to admit, after seven seasons, isn't going to happen on the marshes. So I've retained an associate membership as I want to support the club, and plan to return to the fold one day, but I just don't need a dedicated 'fowling piece anymore.

    And then I realised that it was worth about the same as a second-hand drilling from eGun.

    If you know anyone looking for a proper duck and goose gun, please show them this!

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    I know what you mean, you just can't find enough time to do it all, especially with a family to keep happy. I will let everyone know at my end, there's something nice about a good side by side for fowling.
    Another convert to the Dark side

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    Thanks Roelander! As I said, it is a real, proper 'fowling piece, not a jack of all trades sort of gun with pictures of ducks on it. It would make a good SBS clay gun too, actually.

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    I'd love one of these - a decent, proper 3" SxS - but there's no way I'm going to afford it right now. A shame - if I had the money I'd be on this like a shot. Anyway, I'll add a general thumbs-up for the Y-guns in general - I've got one of their O/U's and it's been excellent so far. Good luck with the sale. I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate it and not leave it in the cabinet for 10 years.

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    Thanks for the endorsement. People, there are many out there like Mister Neutron, you really need to snap this up before all the other big gun fans do!

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    OK, suppose I said that I was open to sensible offers, would that help?

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    In response to an enquiry I've had, the barrels are 30" long, the trigger is single. Also, thanks for telling me that mud can be removed with a sponge. Finally, I know I don't live in Kent but we could have worked it out. I mean if you only want stuff that's down your street, then the Internet isn't really the shopping method for you.

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