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Thread: H4H fraudster, the lowest of the low.

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    H4H fraudster, the lowest of the low.

    Like many on here i have supported the Help for Heroes charity, giving up our time and/or money for this worthy cause.
    Then i switch on the news and lunchtime and saw something that made my blood boil BBC News - Man admits £300,000 Help for Heroes fraud
    Stole over 300k from the charity, i hope they claw back the money from his assets and send him down for years to come!
    What a total douche bag.

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    What a scum bag. They should get him to meet some of the men this money goes to and explain his actions to them.

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    Having met many of the lads who have been through the Defence Service Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey, I would just like to say, what a low life.
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    You can't believe how low some will sink. Like you say Devon stalker they should send him down for a very long time and recover whatever they can by seizing any assets he has or may have in the future until it is all repaid. Many hours of unpaid work should also be part of his sentence at somewhere like Harcombe court where he will have to face the guys and girls that he stole from each day.

    The scum of the scum.
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    Personally I'd send him after sentencing to a military prison in the uk and let the lads in there know what he'd done reckon that should do the trick !
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    i think i will print his picture and place it in the H4H head office just down the road,

    I may not support H4H but i would not like him to get off too lightly.


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