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Thread: Long distance shots

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    Long distance shots

    hi all

    a bit bemused these days with all the talk of long distance shots.

    surely some of these guys are missing the "stalking" aspect of our sport?

    nothing more enjoyable in my opinion than getting right in to a beast and being to evaluate it properly

    recent example:i was stalking along a ride,very slowly when i saw an old grey faced buck(as i thought)with a single antler coming through shoulder high grass on my right hand side heading to the ride i was on.

    i watched for a while,as it approached me it kept looking it stepped on to the clear ride a fawn appeared and started to suckle on what turned out to be a very old doe!

    i would have been no more than 60 yds from them at this time

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    Sitting back and eating my popcorn ( smiley faces not working ! )
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    Tbh not noticed a lot of talk about long distance shooting on here recently (or am I missing something)?

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    if you love stalking though, why your username?

    sorry, couldn't help it!

    but, yes, you're right. stalking in close for a safe and ethical kill is the way to go IMHO. Some will argue long shots are fine if you're as good a shot as 'they' are, and/or they are needed to effectively manage a certain ground that does not permit stalking closer than, say 600yds!

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    PM, they were all banned

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    Sorry mate ,wasnt on here.i was at a few estates over the last couple of weeks and some of the "helpers"got into the long range debate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HIGHSEATMAN View Post
    Sorry mate ,wasnt on here.i was at a few estates over the last couple of weeks and some of the "helpers"got into the long range debate.
    Ah, understood!
    maybe a pi££Ing competition?

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    i used to make a lot of highseats back in the mid 90"s.its kind of stuck.


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    IMHO - in my humble opinion

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