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Thread: The new X-Trail

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    The new X-Trail

    I have an older shape X-Trail which Nissan has just replaced by a new model. I got a quick look around the new model today and wasn't impressed at all. Everyone I talk to says "is that not just a Qashqai?" and even while I was looking at it today another chap came by and asked exactly the same question. I've got to say I can't tell the difference either.

    First impressions, based on my quick look at only one model, are:

    The wheel size is such that getting AT tyres will be difficult or impossible.

    The boot seems smaller than with the old model and with more wheel arch intrusion and would certainly not hold my carcass "box" which easily fits in the current model.

    The seat folding arrangement doesn't look as neat and, although I didn't try it, looks like it will either eat into space or will not give the huge flat load area I have.

    There isn't the "pull out drawer" arrangement under the boot as existed in the older model and this was really, really handy and is something everyone who sees my car loves.

    Ground clearance looks similar or maybe even slightly greater than the current model but with all the plastic bits around the wheels at the front the mkI eyeball says the approach angles are going to be worse plus there seem to be some plastic bits underneath protecting some part of the suspension and they will only last 15 seconds off the road.

    So, all told I think Nissan have built a car which is going to be of little or no use to the traditional X-Trail userbase. In the past few days mine has been off road scouting some stalking, up a remote and very rough track by a salmon river and pulling a trailer load of sheep off the croft and delivering them out the moor. I simply can't see the new "Qashqai Plus" doing any of those things.
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    Don't forget.... In this day and age engineers do NOT design cars - accountants do!
    So most of the time I find the NEW and improved versions are not a touch agains the old! Shame really

    UK Guy

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    nissan had the problem of fuel consumption and emissions the new model dose out strip the old by a mile. I did try it out and it was very very nice but the only modle for me to test drive was a 30,000 plus auto.

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    Would a Skoda Yeti be an equivalent functional box to your earlier X-Trail? One of the picker-uppers at one of the shoots I beat on has one and he seems to get everywhere the pick-ups and SUVs get to.


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