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Thread: Dead moles

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    Dead moles

    Hello all,

    I'm sure someone can shed some light on this:
    I'm seeing dead moles everywhere I go at the moment, they are all intact and seem to have no damage to them.....other than being stone dead of course.

    Young being thrown out this time of year??

    Is anyone else seeing this? I've seen about 12 on paths and country lanes over the last 2 weeks with not a scratch on them.


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    Overheating and ground to hard for them to tunnel , ever trying wearing moleskins in this heat

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    Holey Moley!!!...
    Seen one and it was massive. (i ran it over tho').

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    moles need plenty of water and starve easy if no worms so they travel on top to look for food and water ,very little will eat them so they lay around for a while if they starve whilst on a walkabout.

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    that would all seem to make sense...

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    Yeah saw one large mature mole with no outward signs of predation in north Wales coastal belt in edge of a very dry barley field where crows were devastating the crop.

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    Saw 1 on top of the ground trying to dig while i was Pigeon shooting in a stubble field yesterday.

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    I saw a dead (but apparently otherwise undamaged!) one on the path in a wood in Sussex ten days ago, about a 100metres from a normally marshy area. I presumed at the time that it had been snaffled and subsequently dropped by a buzzard or owl.


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    Very few things eat moles, but I suspect ground is too hard and food source has dried up.


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    As has been already said very few things eat moles, but foxes hunt them for the sport or when teaching cubs to hunt.

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