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Thread: First Impressions- Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mountain

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    First Impressions- Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mountain

    Many thanks to a friend for helping me to set up my new .243 Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mountain

    Unfortunately the preferred scope was not available but he also leant me a Bushnell for now. A little playing around and that was mounted and we gave the gun/bore a decent clean to remove all traces of oil.

    Up across the farm to a field with a good backstop and target board set out at 100m approx. Walked back 20m and I loaded the magazine with 3 home loads, 87gr ballistic tips if I remember correctly.

    Shooting off sticks into the target to see how we are and low and to the left. Correct the scope and try again, not so bad so we move back 30m and try another 3 shot group. This required a little work and I made a real horlicks of one shot, pull to the left and high…ouch!

    Another tweek on the scope and then back to 100m and shooting of the bonnet of my pick up using a sand bag. 3 shots and things are high and to the left, adjust and try again, better, more adjustment and try a final 4 shot group as the light is going.

    This is much better, sub 2” group, if only 3 shots counted then it would have been about ½” better. So considering this is a brand new rifle it seems to be performing ok, certainly using home loads was an advantage in many ways to zero.

    As for the rifle:

    I really like the 3 position safety. Fool proof and simple.

    Trigger, I have not played around with it yet and don’t think I need to at the moment, not tried the second position as yet but will do soon.

    Bolt, this is one of the things that help sell me the rifle after the safety, it is very smooth indeed, very nice.

    The magazine, likewise, simple and maintenance free.

    Stock, seems perfect, fits me well, nice and firm and a good gripping surface, over all weight seems fine.

    Finish, the metal work looks very nice indeed and should shrug of the weather.

    Here it is with the proper S&B scope on top:

    And here is the result of a 100m group of 3 using the factory 100gr ammo.

    So far so good, very pleased with it at the moment.


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    I am glad that you like your new gun and the fact that you are pleased with the accuracy thus far is particularly pleasing. It is heartening to hear that someone is pleased with a group that you don't need a magnifying glass to see. Things will tighten up as you go along, but any rifle that can be made to group under 2 inches at 100 yards under normal field conditions is perfectly good for hunting.

    Now that will stir up some action I'm sure


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    It is heartening to hear that someone is pleased with a group that you don't need a magnifying glass to see. Things will tighten up as you go along, but any rifle that can be made to group under 2 inches at 100 yards under normal field conditions is perfectly good for hunting.


    I am never going to be a fantastic shot, I dont get to practise enough. So if I get them under 1" and a half I will be happy. That will be fine on fox and deer when I get the knowledge.

    It is very very early days, less than 20 rounds through it so far. I hope to punch a little bit of paper tomorrow night though that will be after dark and using headlights and lamp to illuminate things a little.


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    A happy man is as rare as rocking horse ****, good for you.


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    Hi JAYB,
    I would generally agree with your statement. I can accept that a 2" group is good enough for most shooting, after all aimed dead centre of the heart any shot in that 2" circle will do the job. However - never say never, never say allways. The animals I shoot, have to be head shot so a 2" circle at 100yds just isn't good enough.

    This is not an "anything you can do, I can do better". "Any rifle you can shoot, mine can shoot straighter", type post.

    If you enjoy your sport, thats good enough for me, but I don't accept that thats as good as it gets. I was lucky to meet a guy who taught me so much about how to hold the rifle, and squeeze the trigger, it improved my shooting dramatically. Up till then I was pure self taught, I didn't think there was much too it, point and squeeze.

    Perhaps not the nest of hornets you hoped to stir up, but just my most humble of opinions. Oh and Sanders, good shooting with a new rifle! I'm not a lover of black stocks, but that looks a real hard working bit of kit. My new 7x64 Sauer wouldn't group under 3" when I first got it. I was using factory RWS 173grn, and I HATED that rifle, I had waited months for it! I now use 170grn Sako it is transformed!
    not me, I'm more your 8) happy go lucky type.
    Kind regards to all that look through a scope.
    How about a group of us meeting for a day at a range, anyone interested? (Let this not decend into a competition PLEASE).

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    I agree with what you are saying, what I am saying is that it is nice to hear someone who is happy with it straight out the box, with the knowledge that things will improve, and not want to throw it away because it will not shoot minute of gnats cock right from the start.

    2 inches no good for head shooting, must be pin headed deer


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    Hi JAYB, spot on mate. Sanders is getting good groups straight from the box as you say. I just don't want to sit back on a reasonable group and say thats good enough. My little .22LR can group touching holes at 50yds, I ask myself why I can't acheive the same with the .243 at 100? I'm sure the rifle is up to it so it must be the wally on the end of the
    With regards me pin headed deer, well I'm not aiming to hit the head. I want the shot right bang on the money. I don't realy like to head shoot, it adds a lot of pressure knowing a slight error could end in tragedy. Sadly I don't make the rules, and it's the only stalking I've got. Had one cock up where a follow up shot was needed, and the rifle was later shown to be about 2" out of zero. Horrid feeling, luckily I was in a position to rectify quickly.
    I think we're singing from the same hymn sheet JAYB, perhaps just on different verses. Never mind, we can both join in the chorus.
    Kind regards,

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    Jerry, what cleaning regime do you plan to adopt for your rifle?

    i have the same setup ( which has also had the forend stiffened and barrell floated) and found that it is very susceptible to cleaning.

    this may attract a few comments, but what i have found best for my rifle is as follows..

    dont clean it.
    dont put oil in the moderator.
    dont clean it.
    definately dont use just a boresnake, if you do the group will open up and move until things settle down again.
    dont clean it.

    and if you want to clean it, or have to clean it then....

    dont clean it.... just kidding.

    if you have to, you must fully clean and de-copper it.. it takes at least 2 nights using patches and copper solvent.
    night 1 - clean, clean, clean untill its as clean as you can get it. leave solvent in it.
    night 2 - clean, clean, clean untill its as clean as you can get it.

    after that, you can check zero again if you wish - shot 1 will be a flyer (about 1 inch in my gun at 100m), from then on its bang on. gets tighter as it gets more copper down it.

    if you dont have time to zero, just stick one in the ground to sort things out, then its happy hunting.


    this may or may not work for you, but it does for me.


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    Thanks for the reply

    I must admit I rarely clean my HMR, only every couple of hundred shots or if the groups are opening up. Then it is a quick bore snake and put it away.

    To date I have cleaned the 243 three times. First clean was just a push through with clean patches to remove oil when I first bought the rifle to remove any oil the makers left in it.

    I then zero’d and cleaned it again. This was using 009 fluid and patches followed by wet patch through at the end. Only a light clean as it was about 15 shots fired.

    Went out the next day, cleaned out the oil from the day before and shot the group above, again a quick clean with patches and re oiled.

    Not a great group but OK for a new rifle and a new body behind it pulling the trigger!

    I plan to go out tonight to finish setting up the scope and may try and find a fox……..

    What ammo does yours like if you are using factory? So far I have used Federal 100gr Powershock but picked up some 55gr V Shock Feds this morning to try through it as might be a better round for fox.


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    it loves 100gn rws, 95gn silvertip, 55gn silvertip.

    federal 100gn are ok.80gn are better

    when i,ve used up my current stock of 55gn silverips, i'll probably by a batch of 80gn federals to use on fox, munty and occasional roe.

    i have a visit from plod tonight about a .308 variation!

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