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Thread: Broken bipod.

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    Broken bipod.

    As above for a new project please?
    Just need the base plate and clamping system to be ok, legs not an issue.
    What have you got?
    Will pay postage etc.

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    got a couple of stoney point rapid pivot's that I don't use because the fixture to the rifle stud breaks off...not a harris system at all so probably not of any interest to you.

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    I may have a biPod Nano that I don't use anymore. No headphones though.

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    Hi P. Thanks but need the Harris system. K

    Hi PM. bipod not Ipod.

    Still looking.

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    I got a Harris base.
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    Thanks tramp. Will pm you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Hi PM. bipod not Ipod.
    Sorry, bad joke...

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    PM, no problem, most of my jokes are bad.

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    if you are not sorted i have an old one that was fitted to my AIA M10 A1 ,looks like the old PH type its Just missing the hex/slot head locking stud its the type that has small feet and sprung loaded none tilting
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