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Thread: Steiner 10x42 Hunter (Skyhawk) with swaro case 199

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    Steiner 10x42 Hunter (Skyhawk) with swaro case 199

    A nice pair of 10x42 steiners

    the Hunter model is distributed by GMK
    the Skyhawk model is distributed by Steiner UK (so they told me yesterday)
    Both are owned by Beretta

    Apart from that I can find no difference between them
    identical body, fitiing, specs etc

    info here: Steiner Sky Hawk 10x42 - binoculars review -
    comparison pic here:

    original case has been replaced with a Swarovski soft, zipped case
    also comes with nylon strap.
    I have a new neoprene strap coming which will be included in the sale
    Brand new objective rain covers direct from Steiner at a cost of 20

    Binos are clean and clear, no scratches or dings
    internals are dust and mould free
    They collimate perfectly and give a very clear sight picture
    Fast focus wheel can shift focus from very new to very far extremely quickly
    fold back soft eye cups

    Skyhawks are around the 400 new

    These are a bargain at 199 RMSD

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    thought these would have gone ...

    too pricey?

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    Reduced 150 + postage

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    If you've still got them on payday I'll have them off you for definite, but I don't expect you will at that price... I'll be watching the thread!
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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