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Thread: Another nice buck for Rem7C

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    Another nice buck for Rem7C

    I had Mike here this morning for a buck outing , we met at the hotel as usual 4,20am start , a short drive to a field i usually shoot one or two bucks per season on , nothing showing apart from a fox that Mike took off the sticks at 100m .We moved on to another peice of rough ground i usually see a few deer on , after a 5 minute walk i spot a roe buck carrying an injured front leg or foot but no shot on and its moving away from us fairly quickly , we backtrack to get the wind right and spend the next hour trying to get on him but no sign
    Again we move to another area through mature larch trees but only spot one doe , time is getting on now so start to make our way back but stop in on some farmland on the way , ten minutes out the jeep we spot a doe and kid , we let them move on then move on a bit ourselves , ten minutes later a nice 6 point buck comes through the same track , i get sticks set up quickly , Mike has his 308 straight on them but the buck is walking almost out our view , i give him a short peep on the call , he stops to lookover and Mike gets his shot off
    Good teamwork Mike , we,r getting good at this
    Pics added later
    Attachment 45156Attachment 45157
    Off out tonight with Glenbuck to try find this other buck , if not im sure Mr Dillon will get him at the weekend
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    nice one again mate,very good rem doug,

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    Attachment 45233Attachment 45234We caught up with the limping buck earlier today , pics added later
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    Well done Colin, a good one to take.

    Was he still in the same area as Wednesday.

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    Yes Mike , no sign of him staight away, a peep with the call got him on his feet

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    Is that the buck I was telling you about last time I was up Col

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    Cant remember where you saw that one Gaz , this one was near Mabie hotel

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    Different one mate he was to the side of the church down the road from your hooss

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    Ohh yea , a bit too close to the village to shoot without getting some stick

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    Hi Colin,

    thanks for another cracking week end it was a nice buck to take that morning although he had a bad limp he was still in good order and what a perfect birthday present to myself as well me being 21 and all that well I was a couple off years back also had a great night out with you and yours really enjoyed once again Colin thank you


    Paul D

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