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Thread: .243 Factory Ammunition for sale

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    .243 Factory Ammunition for sale

    Hello Gents,

    After buying my .243, I also bought a variety of factory ammunition, settled on the Geco 105grains, now I have some new boxes and 1 open with 14 bullet in, that I would like to sell or swap, maybe someone would be interested.
    the sale or swap will be face to face only.

    Unopened box of Federal Premium Vital shock 95grain Nosler ballistic tip, paid 39.99 I would like 34 or 2 boxes of Geco 105grain soft point.

    Box of Federal Power shock 100 grain soft point, paid 25.99. I would like 17 or a box of geco 105grain soft point, this box contains 14 bullets.

    Unopened box of Hornady 95grain SST, paid 29.99 I would like 22 or a box of geco 105grain soft point plus 5.

    I live near Birmingham international airport, if anyone is interested, please let me know, I will do a package deal for the 3 boxes for 68.

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    Shame you're not closer or I'd take the SST from you!

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    I know Mike, this might be the main problem for a lot of people, I wish I could post them....but we can't, I don't think I'm asking the wrong prices either, hopefully someone will be interested.


    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Shame you're not closer or I'd take the SST from you!

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    come on midlands people it's a bargain!!!!

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