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Thread: Goodbye my old friend

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    Goodbye my old friend

    Today with regret we had to say goodbye to my dear friend and companion Hooch , to those that knew him he was the gentle giant but don't be fooled he would guard anything I left him with as though his life depended on it , he was a trusted member of my family and to say we are devastated is an understatement. For the last few weeks his hips have got considerably worse and for the last few days he has been unable to stand unaided so after a visit to the vet and a discussion about our options myself and my son made the difficult decision to let him go , now I am sitting here selfishly full of regret I miss him so much it hurts I just could not bear seeing him in so much pain.
    Rip hooch I will see you in the next life.
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    sorry for your loss ,take care mate, doug,

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    A better place. Enjoy the good memories.

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    Its the hardest thing to face when you have had so many good times ,i lost my dog three weeks ago ,it still hurts ,you will get support on here from the members ,many of the posts i have read have been heartbreaking

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    We all miss them but as we get older we have memiores of the red letter days we had with them and when things go tits up which we laugh at now. Sorry for your loss
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    Sorry to hear the news Pierre... Thoughts are with you
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    so sorry to hear this Pierre
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    Hi Big man

    I am so sad for you Pierre, may he rest in peace and find peice where he rests.


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    Sorry to here that mate. It's one of the hardest things a dog owner has to do even when it's for the the best at least he's not suffering.
    all the best mate

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    Never met the dog and still feel for you mate see you soon,

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