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Thread: 22-250 AI v 220 swift

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    22-250 AI v 220 swift

    All this talk of c/f 22's has got me thinking about getting one. Sending in my ticket to get the mentoring condition taken off and to up my ammo to relate to my reloading.
    Have had 22-250 before and like the idea of AI, but also used to use a mates 220 swift and that was a cracking rifle.
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    reloading not a problem, apart from potenially the fire forming may be a pain in the arse?

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    One of the benefits of .22/250AI would be that you could order one in a tight twist for bigger bullets.
    Dies could be expensive I suppose.
    People seem to recon they get good accuracy when fireforming AI's, but then if you have a look on the ballistics section, it has been voiced that the improved shoulder isn't a magic solution to adding loads more velocity or as much efficiency as you might expect.

    Maybe best phoning round your local gunshops to see the availability of .220 ammo/ components, but I'll bet you could get .22/250 anywhere, and then there's the whisper you may be able to get lapua brass soon.

    Whatever you get, enjoy it!

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    I considered both calibres and settled on 22-250AI only because I found a rifle that I liked. Accuracy, velocity, barrel life etc are very similar. Reloading is no problem for 22-250AI. Just buy 22-250 brass and use a starting load with your chosen powder taken from a reloading manual. This fire formed the case and produced excellent accuracy in my rifle. If the shoulder is still rounded and not sharp then up powder half a grain on next piece of new brass. Use standard Lee collet die set for sizing and bullet seating 22-250AI. My fire formed brass had 3% greater capacity than 220 Swift factory brass so I used data for 220 Swift from my manual when developing a load.
    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy
    My fire formed brass had 3% greater capacity than 220 Swift factory brass so I used data for 220 Swift from my manual when developing a load.
    I am liking the sound of that 8)

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    How about the 220 swift AI? anyone had their hot little hands on one of those.

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    Going bigger and hotter means much reduced barrel life, need to use slower burning powders and need longer barrel ( at least 24" ) to achieve the potential increase in velocity. All that for little practical gain.
    My 22-250AI produced 4000ft/sec with Nosler 50g BT compared to my 22-250 Rem producing 3800ft/sec with same bullet. The difference in trajectory was insignificant at 300yrds and only 1" or so at 400yrds.
    Various wildcat cartridges with bigger capacities have been developed but to shoot significantly flatter trajectories will be hard to achieve.
    My advice would be to stick to 22-250 Rem as it is easy to feed with a range of powders, has wide range of factory ammo available for it if not reloading, has much better barrel life, is made by all the major gun makers and is plenty accurate and flat shooting in its own right.
    However I have to say that I enjoyed experimenting with my 22-250AI until I shot it out so if you really want something different then good luck and go for it.

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    run your .243 hot on 55's and get a deer calibre for your stalking?

    my .243 outshoots a 22-250 with the same barrell length/bullet weight (3900 fps against 3600 fps) - 2" difference at 300y

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    A 243 with a 55GN bullet is practically a 22-250 with a fat arse.

    same case with a larger mouth and same weight of bullet, some of us like to be different just because we can. 243 was not designed to shove 55gn bullets. but you know better.

    why fecking bother?

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    Hmmm actually the 22-250 is the Savage 250 case necked down hence the 250 in the name other wise it would have been the 22-243. Plus when Gebby developed the 22-250 it was called the varminter the 243 was not around. It was Remington who legitimalised the Varminter and called it the 22-250 Remington.

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