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Thread: 38/357 dies and brass and heads

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    38/357 dies and brass and heads

    Ok I've been asked to sell a set of 3 Lee reloading dies in 38/357 with a number 1 shell holder also load paper work 25 or swap for 243 WIN dies. Open to offers

    200+ 357 brass 15
    100+ 38 brass 10
    Bullet heads 38/357 SWC 158g one box of 500 unopened 1 half full plus some randoms. 20

    all open to sensible offers
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    Hello Mate.
    Could I have the .357 brass and the bullet heads for 35.00 posted with Paypal please.


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    I afraid the postage is quite high the heads weight a lot, PM me where you are in East Anglia I go to the Colchester area fairly often face to face may be easier.


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    You are quite correct about postage,Don't know what I was thinking really.
    The only time I get to Colchester is for Army ranges unfortunately.
    I will PM you.


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    Heads and 357 brass sold lend the normal.

    38 brass and dies still for sale.

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    3 Dies set and 38 special brass still for sale, open to offers.

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    Aren't you missing part of the neck belling die? Probably taken out when the through the neck powder thrower was used and not replaced.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Sorry it's all there just not pictured and I'm told the disc powder hopper thing will be no use for rifle cartridges so that's included as well.

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    Providing it includes the neck belling die in full then I would be interested in the dies and brass. What is best price including delivery/postage, please?

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