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Thread: Very close encounter with a roe buck

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    Very close encounter with a roe buck

    Last night I went to check my trail cam which was positioned on an overgrown ride opposite a bank with a very used animal path over it into the next door field. The camera was blank, however I thought I would have a look in the field. I was wearing cammo trousers and a bright blue short sleeved shirt.

    I carefully climbed up the bank throught the hedge and was about to negotiate 2 strands of barbed wire when i clocked a roe about 10 yds away close to the hedge. I was in full sunlight almost spotlighted. I froze and watched. It was a beautifuli 4 point yearling buck and over the next few minutes he browesd towards me only to end up 2 yds away eating a thistle. We just stood there watching each other, but he was not at all concerned and just continued browsing. Slowly he ambled up the hedgerow allowing me to get over the wire. This he noticed and then carefully and steathly he walked back towards me. Another starring session ensued andwhen he was satisfied I was of no danger off he ambled. I think the whole episode took 10 mins and even more remarkable was that this bit of ground is quite heavily stalked. I am glad he has escaped as I am sure he was one of last years kids and has the makings of a very good buck.

    As sods law would have it no camera or phone.However wonderful memory.

    So I have seen two different bucks within a 100yd area and also watched the elder buck rutting on Tues eve so has been quite a remarkable week.


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    what a nice evening, thanks for write up.
    Always nice to see them that close up, when alive (!)...
    I stumbled into one last weekend, maybe 10 yards away...he clocked me so i just stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity, and he started feeding again and coming closer until I could actually smell him.
    Not as close as your 2 yards but maybe 10 yards out...great experience.

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    nice write up, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    I am glad he has escaped as I am sure he was one of last years kids and has the makings of a very good buck.

    It's moments like that, that make it worthwhile and even if I had the rifle probably would have left him. Unfortunately if the buck is that confident he may not be round long on a heavily stalked area.

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