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Thread: Blaser fluted match barrel

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    Blaser fluted match barrel

    Has anybody had any experience in using specifically a 308 Blaser Fluted match barrel for stalking?
    if so i heard it only likes certain bulletts is this true?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have just acquired a new fluted barrel in .308 for my Blaser R93 and took it out last week to zero it.
    I could only get an area that let me shoot at 80m so set it up there.
    I had a selection of ammo, home loads of 150 and 180 weights and some commercial ammo of 150, 168 and 180gn.
    The first two shots touched but 2" high and 4" right so did adjustment and then tried the other ammo.
    All the various ammo went within an inch of each other !
    So was disappointed in that the distance didn't give me the opportunity to see which was the best ammo.
    I adjusted the 150gn home loads for 1" high at 80m and settled for that, I have yet to try it at 100yds but reckon it should do me until then.
    That was with a brand new un 'shot in' barrel so it may wander off target when it realises it should have had the so many shots then pull through, so many more shots then a thorough clean and so on and so on ;-)

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    I know it isn't a fluted barrel but it was a Blaser in 308 and is suggestive that a well engineered rifle will shoot any bullet, or any load, better than the person can:

    I've heard a lot of mumbo-jumbo talked about barrels and reloading and that I can see the only basis for any of it is psychological.
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    Here is mine, sold my trg22 and tikka t3 ,one gun for hunting and a little target/competition (you won't win a FTR competition but you certainly can feature occasionally)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    good accuracy, But would think my Trg22 had the edge, as would a custom rifle.
    They do look the business
    Always had good accuracy, only exception possibly being about the first 50-60 rounds, then it settled in .
    Manageable outfit, weight wise.
    Will produce at least inch or better with most ammo at 100yds

    A little bit heavier and longer
    increased cost compared to a standard profile
    wider barrel channeled stock required.
    In hindsight would prefer it in 6.5x55 ,maybe next time!!

    hope this helps
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